that family photographer Niki Strbian uses during her photoshoots and learn how to make your client's kids

  • fall in love with you
  • happily follow any directions that you give
  • pose naturally without knowing they are posing
  • smile the real smiles

It's time to stop chasing after client's kids hoping for something magical to happen.

Become the insider and transform your family sessions from "Oh shit!" to "Oh yeah!"

Shoot your sessions effortlessly and confidently and leave the kids begging their parents for your return.

No fluff. No nonsense. Real and instantly applicable skills that you can start using in your next session.

The workshop includes

  • 5 no-fail strategies to make all kids fall in love with you

  • unique bonus - the ultimate key to the heart of a shy child

  • a direct access to discuss your biggest struggle with me via email

  • earlybird access to Melt Their Heart - 21 games to play during a photoshoot that will make kids stay put exactly where you want them to be and allow you to create photographs that will melt their parents' heart

Unique Bonus

that solves the struggle no. 1 most family photographers deal with

  • The Ultimate Key To The Heart Of A Shy Child

    infinite value

    When parents warn me before the photosession that they have a shy child, I think to myself: "Hah! You're gonna love me!" And they will, becuase I am going to turn their shy child into my friend in the first 10 minutes of the shoot. Let me show you how to do that with a little bit of magic that is revealed in this unique bonus material.

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Still not sure this workshop is the right thing for you?

Do you feel stressed in family photoshoots because your client's kids don't follow your directions? Do you sometimes feel like you have no control over what's happening in your family shoots? Do you leave your photoshoots pretty much drained of all energy? Do you wish to have a magic wand that would replace a fake smile with a real one? If you've answered YES to any of those questions, my darling, then this online workshop is exactly the right thing for you!


  • How long is the workshop?

    60 minutes total, 45 minutes interactive teaching and 15 minutes live Q&A

  • Where is the workshop held?

    It's a replay of an online workshop held over Zoom. You sit in the comfort of your home and learn from your screen.

  • How long will I have access to this material?

    Infinitely, it's a one time purchase and life-long access.

  • Can I ask some questions from Niki?

    Participants in the live workshop had an opportunity to ask me questions in the Q&A section. I want you to have the same opportunity, so you have a chance to ask directly

Suitable for beginning and advanced photographers

How To Photograph Kids So They Would Listen

Have fun & control already in your next session

Niki Strbian

Hi! I am Niki! I am an experienced portrait photographer, educator and creator of a Happy Hell podcast for parent entrepreneurs.