21 games for happy and cooperative family photoshoots

Dear family photographer!

You and me both know that kids love silliness and fun. However, creating a genuine fun situation is hard when your brain is processing light, composition, camera settings and background check all at the same time. That's why I created Melt Their Heart, a set of 21 tried and easy-to-remember games you can play with kids during your family shoots.

Suitable for both beginning and advanced photographers!

Kids will beg their parents for your return.

Everybody, including you, should have fun during a photosession. Melt Their Heart games make a shoot fun, but they also give you a complete control of where the kids go and what they do.

With Melt Their Heart you are able to

  • establish trust with the kids right from the start

  • pose children and families without them noticing they are being posed

  • get kids' attention and real smiles whenever you want

  • get onboard even the shy kids

  • have fun and control during a photo-session

Parents will hire you again because their kids are in love you.

Any visually talented prick can create technically perfect portraits of children. But mums and dads will hire you again because you make it easy for their shy child to come out of the shell, because their kids will laugh with you and because you see their children through their eyes - as the most adorable human beings on Earth.

Kids will not even notice there is a camera.

Experience the creative freedom when children actually do what you ask them to do! I promise the kids won't even notice there's a camera present. You will become their hero and they will be talking about you for days after the shoot.


What my clients say after I use Melt Their Heart games in their portrait session

“Thank you for tonight! It was so much fun. Boys liked it too, they said it was more fun than they expected! And that's a lot.”


“You are so good! My son is going to love photoshoots after this one. And to imagine he didn't even want to come here.”


“You should hear the praise your photos get from the extended family! Now all my cousins are asking what is the date for the next year's shoot with you. ”


“Wow Niki!! It is ALWAYS worth every second of waiting. It's a pity that I don't have words that would be good enough to express our gratitude and amazement once again.”


“Thank you for the loveliest day, hubby's parents were so impressed and we enjoyed the shoot as always! And we LOOOVE the portraits. Immaculate work as always.”


Created by

Niki Strbian

Hi! I am Niki! I am an experienced portrait photographer, educator and creator of a Happy Hell podcast for parent entrepreneurs.